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Asian Wok & Grill brings you the most authentic Asian to deliver you the purest taste from over nine Asian countries.

Our Restaurant History

Mr. Hitesh Babaria, a registered contractor of MES since 2000, established Asian Wok & Grill in March of 2019 in Nashik. Ever since then we have made sure we serve the best multi-cuisine experience to our customers.

Asian food celebrates the idea of ‘Balance & Harmony’ through its cooking style, exotic flavours & contrasting textures by maintaining and delivering a delicate synergy between a wide variety of ingredients and cooking styles.

At Asian Wok & Grill we make sure that we bring to you an ethos of shared table to serve you the most delicious multi-cuisine experience and excellent customer service.

Best in town

Craving to eat authentic Asian Cuisines? No better place than us in the town!

Fresh products

Health-conscious much? We use fresh and the best ingredients only.

Perfect for everyone

Family? Friends? That someone special? We serve everyone with all our love.


Best in town​

Craving to eat authentic Asian Cuisines? No better place than us in the town!


Fresh products​

Health-conscious much? We use fresh and the best ingredients only.

Chef’s specials

What would you like to eat today?

Fresh Sambal

Earthy, spicy and hot. Popular in Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore. Sambal is a sauce made from chillies, spices, herbs and aromatics. Traditionally all the ingredients are placed in a stone bowl called the mortar and churned to make the best Sambal.

Claudie Thukpa

A perfect blend of warmth, taste and nourishment, Thukpa is a treat all the way from the snowy mountains of Tibet. Made with potato ginger, garlic, spring onion and exotic vegetables, The Thukpa is a Tibetian delicacy. 

Lemon Grass Chicken

A Vietnamese delicacy prepared with the chicken marinade in Lemon Grass, Fresh Chilli, Minced Garlic, Soya Sauce, Fish Sauce and served with Chilli Coriander Salsa. Our Signature recipe for this dish is worth drooling for. 

Red Pepper & Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese tossed with bell pepper, scallion, fresh red chilli & black pepper, this is one of our most favourite dishes to serve! 

Hakka Soup

Inspired by Hakka cuisine, Hakka soup is salty, fragrant and umami flavours. Hakka people had to work outdoors and needed energy all day and the Hakka soup is made accordingly with rich nutrient foods, hearty and heavy.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Cheesecakes, an iconic dessert believed to have originated from the Greek. Making a good cheesecake is the chef’s art to get the perfect combination of Cheesy Cream, Crunchy Crust & Juicy Blueberries to make this heavenly dessert. 


Teochew cuisine originates from the eastern part of China’s Guangdong province. It is popularly known for its delicate flavours that depend on the ingredients being used. 

Jain Cuisine

Following the principles of Ahimsa, Jain Cuisine is one of the most strict vegetarian diets. It restricts any use of onions, garlic or any other rooted veggies. We find a way out and prepare the most delicious foods in the Jain Cuisine! 

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